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What is an Endodontist and What do they do?

Have you been asking yourself what is an endodontist? There is a large variety of specialists in the world of dentistry, and each of them is experts of their respected fields; one such specialist is called an endodontist. While it is true that endodontists are not well known among the general populous, they are still a very important figure in the world of dentistry. So for those of you who do not know what an endodontist is, you are welcome to read on.

What is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a person who studies endodontics, and a root canal procedure is their specialty. Rather than being concerned with the outside of the tooth, an endodontist takes care of the inside of the tooth.
Within every tooth there is a small bundle of nerves called the pulp, this pulp is the most important part of your tooth. An endodontist’s main concern is to ensure that your pulp stays healthy, or he will remove it so that it does not cause too much damage to the rest of your tooth.

Think of an endodontist as a dentist, except that they have a lot more knowledge, experience, and training. They are more respected for their expertise in a root canal procedure, as they are incredibly skilled and have a lot of experience in this particular procedure.

What do they do?

An endodontist is not very different from your regular dentist, as they both go through the same procedure to find the cause of the pain and ache in your tooth. They even perform the same procedure in order to extract or clean the tooth. However, the difference comes in the level of expertise between these two fields of dentistry.
An endodontist has much more experience than an ordinary dentist, which is why their solution to a certain problem can be vastly different from that of others. Endodontists are basically dentists who specialize in keeping your teeth healthy with the help of endodontic therapy.

This therapy often comes in the form of a root canal, where they clean and fill the inside of your tooth in order to maintain its health.

They also do a retreatment for anyone who has previously gotten a root canal, but still feels an ache inside their tooth. Even if the previous treatment was not by them, they are still able to fix or treat the tooth.

Often times a filling inside the tooth will not sit nicely with the patient, or may lead to an adverse reaction, which is why they mostly get another treatment.


People often do not know the difference between a dentist and an endodontist. However, now that you know the difference between a regular dentist and an endodontist, you can choose who to go to depending on your ailment.

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