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Do Basic Dental Insurance Plans Cover Root Canals?

Do most basic dental insurance plans cover root canals? Many patients often find root canal therapy one of the most expensive procedures. While the overall cost may depend on the dentist and the tooth’s condition, the average procedure can cost up to $1500. The overall bill often surprises some patients since it can be out of their budget.

Basic Dental Insurance Plans Cover Root Canals

Dental insurance plans were introduced to make dental procedures more affordable and accessible to everyone. It also leaves them wondering if their medical insurance will cover the overall cost or not. Several factors determine if your basic insurance will pay for the procedure or not. You can also consult endodontic professionals to help you answer this question.

Do Basic Dental Insurance Plans Cover Root Canals?

Below are some of the factors which may help you find out if your basic dental insurance will cover the root canal.

1.     Coverage Terms

Some of the basic insurance plans do not cover root canals. Instead, they cover the basic amount of consultancy and appointments with dentists. Therefore, it is mandatory to carefully read the terms and conditions before signing up with an insurance company. It is possible that there are some cases where there is an option for co-pay or cost-sharing.

2.     Deductable

Many insurance companies require the person to have a deductible of at least $1000. This means that you have to have a bill that exceeds this amount. For instance, if a dentist quotes you $1000 for a root canal, technically, the insurance company won’t be covering any costs. However, after you have met your deductible amount, the insurance companies start to cover the cost.

3.     Co-Insurance

Co-Insurance is a cost-sharing scheme where insurance companies and the patient bear the dental cost collectively. Often, they do so on an 80% and 20% split between the insurance company and patient, respectively. Basic co-insurances are often a cheaper option for treating root canals.

4.     Maximums

This feature covers the overall amount limit of what a patient can avail of throughout the year. The basic plan might be enough to cover at least one root canal. However, a series of these procedures may require additional money or a better insurance plan.

Depending on your insurance plan, you can easily find out whether the insurance plan covers the root canal. You can also contact your insurance provider to ask your queries regarding root canals. Doing so will help you make a calculated decision according to your budget.

Why Should You Get Basic Dental Insurance?

Mostly, people get basic dental insurance as part of healthcare benefits in their job. The best thing about basic dental insurance is that you don’t have to pay for the treatment from your pocket. And apart from root canals, patients can also benefit from free dental checkups and appointments twice a year. It helps them keep their oral health better and get rid of certain risks.

Basic Dental Insurance Plans Cover Root Canals | NYC

Another benefit of basic insurance is that patients can also get a discount on certain treatments. On occasions, it may get you a discount on consultation with the dentist, even with the most basic plans. Usually, you can expect between 10-20% discount.

Basic Dental Insurance Plans Cover Root Canals? Final Thoughts

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