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Do I Need Root Canal Surgery?

Have you asked yourself lately do I need root canal surgery? is one of the most common and well known procedures in the field of dentistry. Not only does it greatly ease a patient’s pain, but it can also eradicate the problem with your tooth, prolonging the life of your teeth. But why would a person get a root canal in the first place?

Reasons to Get a Root Canal

You may have to go for root canal surgery due to a variety of reasons, each of which stems from removing, filling, or disinfecting the affected tooth or teeth.

Deep Decay

do-i-ned-root-canal-faq-general-info-01Starting off with what is possibly one of the most common reasons for a root canal, deep decay happens due to lack of oral care. Contrary to popular belief, teeth are actually a very sensitive part of the body and are in need of constant care and maintenance.

People who fail to care for their teeth often start to see their teeth begin to decay, and this decay can take place inside or outside of the tooth, making it hard to predict whether the decay will be visible or not.

A root canal procedure tends to repair the infected tooth by cleaning it from the inside, or by extracting it completely.

Cracked or Chipped Tooth or Teeth

Cracked tooth or teeth might not be very common among the general populous, yet can adversely affect the rest of your teeth. A chipped tooth, regardless of the size of the tooth broken off, can leave the inside of the tooth vulnerable to infections.

If the tooth cannot be repaired, endodontists tend to remove the tooth completely in order to preserve the other teeth.

Breaking down of the Pulp

It is very rare for the pulp in a tooth to break down, yet if it is to happen then an endodontist tends to remove the entire tooth. If the pulp within the tooth tends to break down or split, there is a risk of bacteria forming within the cavity. This can lead to swelling, aches, and major infections that can cause serious damage to the tooth as well as other teeth in your jaw.

While it is possible to keep the tooth clean and restore its health, if the tooth does not respond properly to the treatment then an endodontist will have to use a root canal procedure to protect the rest of your tooth.

Faulty Crowns

A faulty crown is also a common reason people get a root canal; this is in part due to faulty placement of the crown. If the crown happens to rust or due to any reason breaks off into your tooth, then one of the best solutions to this problem comes is a root canal. A root canal can save your other teeth as well as the pain that you would otherwise have to endure.


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