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Future Of Root Canal Treatment & General Dentistry

root-canal-dentist-dr-bui-nyc-logo3What is the future of root canal treatment & general dentistry? We’ve been practicing as endodontists at Bryant Park Endodontics for several years now, and have successfully conducted more than fifteen thousand root canals. Endodontics, as a specialized field of dentistry, has evolved greatly over the past few decades, thanks to advancements in materials and technology. In the past few years, endodontics, together with the endodontic technologies has seen some unprecedented and extraordinary developments.

Through this blog, we’ll closely explore a few developments and advances relating to root canal disinfection, regenerative endodontic procedures, endodontic imaging, root filling, and root canal preparation.

Root canal preparation

Our endodontists perform treatments to make the oral cavity free of harmful microbes and microorganisms, including a root canal. Before we carry out any root canal procedure, we take meticulous steps to prepare the area (the pulp) for the same. The preparation process involves eliminating the mucilage layer containing necrotic elements and infected intracanal tissues.

Performing this procedure helps in restructuring the root canal, making it compatible to receive irrigation solutions and endodontic interappointment medicament. Our endodontists are now adept in using machine-driven instrumentation instead of manual instruments. With regards to mechanical instruments, we’ve identified a few trends, including the emergence of instruments that can handle a broader canal wall area, thereby reducing the application of coronal flaring.

The endodontic instruments now come equipped with alloys with a greater level of flexibility that enable improved canal tractability.

Endodontic imaging

As far as endodontic imaging is concerned, both digital and analog imaging modes can be accessed. Digital imaging reproduction systems comprise a CMOS system (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) and the CCD system (charge-coupled device). There are some indirect systems classed as computed radiography that take advantage of PSP (photostimulable phosphor) plates.

There are several benefits of using digital imaging systems including but not limited to the capability to augment images, speedier image capturing, and convenient transmission. Analog imaging has more drawbacks than advantages, for instance, wet processing problems, below par quality of captured images, and problems with obtaining and transferring images digitally.

Root canal disinfection

When it comes to disinfecting the root canal effectively, the composition and structure of dentin (the middle layer of the tooth), as well as complexity of the root canal system, pose heavy challenges. We commonly use sodium hypochlorite for dealing with microbial biofilms while performing a root canal procedure. The conventional syringe-based irrigation technique more often than not, fails to sterilize the infected mucilage layer in the root canal.

Recent developments about endodontic disinfection intend to boost fluid movement during root canal flushing by bettering bubble dynamics. Additionally, more effective antimicrobials are being developed that can thoroughly disinfect the affected microbial biofilm.

Advancements in root filling

We complete the root canal treatment procedure by filling up the root canal chamber with artificial substances. This root canal filling should function as an airtight barrier against microbes, is convenient to apply, is tissue-friendly, and can be easily extracted if the procedure fails. However, the current synthetic filling materials do not meet the above requirements.

The quest for a versatile filling material that’ll satisfy the stipulations above is still on.

Regenerative endodontics

Treating undeveloped or underdeveloped teeth adversely affected by pulpal necrosis or gangrene continues to be one of the foremost challenges for us. The obstacles we face in dealing with gangrenous immature teeth outdo the hindrances we encounter in obturating or removing damaged tissue from an expansive root canal surface typified by slim dentinal walls.

If you are in need of expert root canal therapy or other any dental services, schedule an appointment with one of our endodontists today.

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