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What Happens After A Root Canal Procedure?

What things should one consider after a root canal procedure? If you’ve ever spoken to a friend or acquaintance that had a recent dental appointment, you probably heard them speak about the root canal procedure. While the name sounds a bit scary, it is a very common dental procedure mostly done by professionals, specifically endodontists. The root canal procedure isn’t as intense compared to the after-effects of the treatment. One of the main things patients usually worry about when getting a root canal is the pain they feel after the procedure.

Pain after a root canal treatment is very common and goes away with time. Some patients can even resume day-to-day activities the day after their root canal. Root canals are an outpatient procedure, so you can go home right after with a set of aftercare instructions you by your dentist. Read further below to find out what happens after a Root Canal procedure.

After Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal Recovery

After your endodontist successfully performs the root canal procedure, they may call you in for another one, depending on your case. Some patients are called in twice if they are susceptible to any complications.  Since you will be under anesthesia, your mouth will feel numb for a few hours. You cannot eat anything until the numbness subsides, which usually takes few hours to go away. This is why most patients return to their jobs and school the day after their root canal treatment.

You will discover many symptoms after your root canal treatment, and the first few days are always intense as you may feel a lot of pain. The main symptoms you will experience include:

  • Pain
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Tooth Inflammation

Your tooth becomes very sensitive after a root canal procedure, so you start experiencing more pain, leading to tooth inflammation. The pain after the treatment is usually mild, but this can differ from one person to another, depending on how successful the treatment was. To reduce the pain and other side effects, your dentist will prescribe a few over-the-counter medications for pain relief. These medications include ibuprofen and acetaminophens such as Tylenol, Motrin IB, and Advil.

If the pain becomes unbearable, contact your dentist and avoid taking any pain medications on your own. Self-medicating could hinder your recovery and affect your overall root canal treatment. The best way to control the pain is by avoiding any solid foods. Your dentist will recommend you to stick with liquids for a few days till the pain subsides. Hard foods usually trigger tooth pain, and it’s something you definitely don’t want to experience.

After Root Canal Procedure : Aftercare

After undergoing the root canal procedure, your dentist will provide a set of instructions on what you can do to reduce the pain and avoid further complications. Aftercare is a very important step in the success of your root canal and prevents you from catching an infection that may worsen your tooth problem. Mentioned below are a few things you must continue to do after your root canal treatment till the pain settles down completely:

Pay More Attention to Your Oral Health

One of the main reasons why you had to go through a root canal was because of poor oral hygiene. After your treatment, oral health practice becomes even more important. You must brush your teeth regularly twice a day. When brushing, move your brush in circular motions as it properly cleans your teeth without hurting them. After all, they are already very sensitive at this point. You have to be very careful around the root canal tooth while brushing. Once you’re done brushing, floss your teeth at least once a day to avoid any infections.

Follow a Proper Diet

You will have to change your diet for at least a few days after your root canal treatment. To avoid further intense tooth pain, keep away from hard foods like biscuits, hard candies, and cereal. Hard foods require you to put more pressure on your teeth and mouth while biting, which can trigger more pain. You must also avoid sugary items or limit your intake as the remaining food particles tend to gather around the enamel and cause sensitivity.

What Happens After A Root Canal Procedure?

Signs You Should Contact Your Dentist

Sometimes things can go wrong, and you may experience worse symptoms than expected. If that’s the case, you must immediately contact your dentist before taking any medications on your own. Mentioned below are signs that you should contact your dentist immediately:

▪       Unevenness when you bite

▪       The pain doesn’t subside after a few days, even after medication

▪       Allergic reaction from the medicines such as itching or a rash

▪       If a crown or filling comes out

▪       Intense swelling outside or inside the mouth

What Happens After A Root Canal Procedure?: Conclusion

Root canal procedures aren’t that complicated if you go to the right dental clinic. Following aftercare instructions is very important for further success of the treatment. If you’re noticing something wrong after the treatment, don’t forget to contact your dentist at once. Visit Bryant Park Endodontic’s for the best Root Canal Therapy.

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