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All about Endodontics

Endodontics is a field in medical science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of  pulp tissues found inside teeth. You can classify it as a subspecialty of dentistry. Contrary to popular belief, endodontists are dentists but not all dentists are Endodontists.

An endodontist has to go through dental school, but after graduating, he or she must  complete two extra years in order to specialize in this field. The term Endodontic comes from the Greek translation that means ‘inside teeth.’

It is one of the many branches of dentistry that focuses primarily on the issues regarding the dental pulp. The dental pulp makes up your teeth’s roots and consists of a junction of nerve cells and arterioles along with other tissues. This extremely small structure also follows a complex root canal system. What’s more, endodontists are experts in treating any sort of damage on the inner core that makes up our tooth.

An Endodontic solution is largely a root canal treatment, which mostly involves the use of cutting-edge technology. Endodontists have extensive knowledge and experience on endodontic complications and possess the skill to operate high-tech tools.

Your dentist is likely to schedule you to an endodontist if you need a root canal. Some dentists are able to perform a root canal treatment as well, but opting for an endodontist is always the safer choice. Endodontists, on average, perform a lot more root canals than the average dentist, which is why they have more experience.

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Root canals

As mentioned earlier, endodontists focus their practice on root canal procedures. For those who don’t know, root canal is a step by step procedure that deals with the damage done to the dental pulp. You can damage your teeth either by an infection or an injury. Traumatic damages to the pulp tissues are rare and in most cases, the infection occurs on people’s teeth.

A root canal becomes inevitable when the bacterial infection spreads from the outer part of the tooth, the enamel, to the inner pulp or core of the tooth. Initially an endodontist will numb the patient’s gums and teeth to avoid any pain. They will then create an entry to the dental pulp by drilling across the enamel. When exposed, the endodontist examines the dental pulp’s contamination.

This diagnosis requires high-tech machinery in the form of microscopes and radiographs. These advanced technologies help endodontists make accurate evaluations. Radiographs provide a three-dimensional picture of the contaminated tooth and microscopes magnify tiny nerve endings and arterioles.

Endodontic experts also use rotary nickel titanium files to scrape the infected tissue and shape to the canal tubules. After this, they utilize chemical irrigation for further debridement. The Endodontist then fills the canals with natural latex and seals it to prevent further microbial invasions. Finally, the last step of the procedure is the placement of a crown on top of the dental pulp. These steps require an immense amount of skill, precision and focus.

Endodontic Retreatment Surgery

An endodontic retreatment surgery replaces previous fillings with new ones in case of re-infection.  This surgery involves the removal of the protective crown and filling inside the root. Surgeries like these mostly happen when the tooth does not heal properly. In this condition, the endodontist has to retreat the tooth by cleaning, refilling and sealing again.

Treating Injuries

Since endodontists have substantial knowledge on the biology and treatment of pulp tissues, they can look at traumatic injuries to the teeth. Certain pressures and cracks can have adverse affect on the inner tooth, causing it to become dysfunctional, causing you to go through an endodontic solution.

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The field of endodontics enables doctors to perform treatments that could save your smile. Without this extensive field, oral conditions people would be face terrible pain due to various teeth-related issues. In some cases, endodontic treatments have been able to help people with seemingly irreversible damage. This field thrives in the light of technological advancements, and since endodontic procedures are so tech-oriented, the success and efficiency of root canals looks more promising than ever.

Final Words

Endodontic solutions are becoming more and more sophisticated as time passes. This field’s emergence helped many people going through severe pain.

Some people claim that tooth pain caused by nerve tissues can be as painful as giving birth and it can feel twice as worse if you don’t choose the right professional to treat it. If you or your loved ones experience some sort of tooth pain, get them checked from a reliable endodontist instead of delaying it.

If you are looking for expert advice or endodontic treatment, visit Young Bui DDS at Bryant park clinic in New York, NY, to receive the best treatment options for your dental concerns.

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