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Different Types of Professional Tooth Whitening

What are the different types of professional teeth whitening? Almost everyone wishes to have a beautiful smile since it is often our first impression. But unfortunately, as the years go by, teeth lose their shine and whiteness due to the dulling of enamel. Professional tooth whitening is one of the ways to brighten your smile without having to spend a fortune. It is an efficient, safe, and cost effective way to make your teeth look better and boost confidence.

Types of Professional Teeth Whitening

A trace of the yellowish layer is common due to dentin glossing through the enamel. However, other factors such as aging, injuries, and consuming unhealthy beverages can also contribute to discoloration.

Different Types of Professional Teeth Whitening

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways you can whiten your teeth with the help of a professional. Below are a few listed varieties when it comes to teeth whitening:

1.     Bleaching

Bleaching is a popular means of whitening your teeth by a professional. Usually, the professional adopt a method called custom-fit tray bleaching, where different trays of whitening products are fit to the teeth for some time.

These custom bleaching trays can help you overcome the yellow pigment quickly as they ensure maximum exposure to the whitening bleach. One of the concerns that some patients face is that often they can become loose and cause irritation on the gums.

2.     Whitening Strips

It is another common procedure that dentists use to overcome yellow pigment. The procedure involves thin whitening strips containing whitening materials. Overall, they are easy to apply and use.

One strip is placed on each row of the teeth and fits quite easily since they are flexible. The users often see the results in 2-3 days. This method is suitable for people who have a lower yellow pigmentation.

3.     Laser Bleaching

The development in technology and innovation has significantly popularized the technology of laser bleaching. This technology helps in activating the whiting agents through lasers. Often the process is quick and provides instant results.

One drawback of this procedure is that it is not suitable for all teeth types and may require consultation with the dentists first.

DIY Teeth Whitening

Often people use traditional methods and remedies to try to whiten their teeth. One of the most popular ways they achieve that is teeth whitening toothpaste. These pastes are designed as whitening agents that help overcome plaque and yellowness in teeth.

They are also effective when it comes to removing stains and shining teeth. Toothpaste does not provide instant results and may require plenty of time before the user can start to see any significant results.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Most people also use the help of natural remedies. They use charcoal, baking sodas, and coconut oil to whiten their teeth.

But on a closer look, they are merely creating a habit of rinsing their mouth daily. Eating healthier and smoking cessation can also boost oral health and whiten teeth. Avoiding sugary drinks and harmful beverages is a few ways people try to improve their oral health.

Types of Professional Teeth Whitening: Final Thoughts

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