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What are the Differences Between Endodontists & Dentists?

While the differences between endodontists and dentists is may seem insignificant for most people, there are actually major differences between them. Let’s discuss their specific characteristics to completely understand the difference between endodontists and dentists.

Differences Between Endodontists & Dentists


A dentist has many responsibilities, catering to the well-being of an individual’s teeth. They’re healthcare professionals whose first duty is spreading awareness about oral hygiene. Their commitment to their patients allows them to provide the best care available. To ensure your teeth stay healthy, you should check in with your dentist once every six months. Maintenance and care are the best precautions to take when it comes to something as sensitive as your teeth.

Dentists diagnose and treat various dental problems and infections in the gums and teeth. They use newly developed technology and advanced equipment to diagnose possible issues and carry out specific operations.

Some of their commonly known tasks include:

  • Spreading awareness about dental hygiene.
  • Extracting cavities.
  • Removing any decaying tissue from the teeth.
  • Repairing damaged teeth.
  • Performing diagnosis and X-rays.
  • Prescribing anesthesia when needed.
  • Filling out teeth.
  • Inspect the growth of your teeth.

Becoming a dentist is no easy task, as individuals need to have a strong stomach. Like any other doctor, a dentist first needs to acquire a medical degree to start practicing. They can also choose to proceed with their education and specialize in various fields, such as periodontics, oral maxillofacial surgery, or endodontics.


Essentially, endodontists are dentists who have specialized training in dealing with more severe issues like root canals or trauma injuries in the mouth and jaw. Following their degree, they choose to specialize in their respective field. Therefore, every endodontist can be a dentist, yet not every dentist can be an endodontist.

Endodontists specialize in treating problems that are within your teeth, such as a root canal. In this treatment, they extract the infection and bacteria from inside the pulp. The pulp contains various nerves, blood vessels, and tissues that make the procedure much more difficult. The same area in the tooth is likely to inflame and become infected due to extreme decay. If you develop an infection in your pulp, you need to immediately contact a recommended specialist.

Some dentists also perform this complex operation as well. However, they may lack the expertise that an endodontist has. Some of the qualities that make an endodontist special are:

  • Expertise in pain management. This is especially appreciated by people who have a difficult time staying numb.
  • Their specialized knowledge. Their additional years of education give them more information and experience in dealing with complex injuries and infections.
  • More advanced technological equipment. Their intense work requires better equipment to match. It’s essential for them to have these materials to provide the best care possible.

Endodontist or Dentist?

Dentists and endodontists have different jobs and their own specialties. Admittedly, they are very similar in terms of having the same education, but that’s where their similarities end. You should check in with your dentist every six months for a routine checkup. But if you have severe inflammation or pain, you should definitely book an appointment with an endodontist. They both perform various tasks and are excellent in their respective fields.

Differences Between Endodontists & Dentists

Differences Between Endodontists & Dentists: Bottom Line

There is no definitive answer to which one is better for you to check in with. Both endodontists and dentists can be the right choice for your oral hygiene, but one is simply skilled in a wider variety of dental related issues. At Bryant Park Endodontics, we will answer all your questions and link you with a skilled endodontist.

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