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At What Stage of Decay Does a Tooth Need a Root Canal?

At what stage of decay does a tooth ned a root canal? Tooth decay, while minimal at first, can eventually lead to more severe problems. It can have several side effects that could seriously affect your health. Studies by the World Health Organization indicate that over 3.5 billion individuals suffer from dental issues. It is alarming, considering the full impact of these dental diseases can last a lifetime and lead to more serious issues.

What Stage of Decay Does a Tooth Need a Root Canal?

Tooth decay is one of the most common elements of all these diseases and causes long-term problems. It has the following stages, leading to complete tooth rotting if not handled properly:

  1. Teeth Spotting
  2. Decaying Enamel
  3. Decaying Dentin
  4. Decay Reaches the Pulp
  5. Dental Abscess.

If people get treatment for their teeth in time, they can avoid more serious issues at a later date. However, ignoring the tooth decay will only make it worsen, which could lead to a root canal.

What is a Root Canal?

It is a dental procedure where an orthodontist cleans the decay in the root and tooth pulp. It is one of the final steps dentists take to ensure tooth decay stops spreading, saving the teeth in the process.

When the decay gets to the soft core, it can cause inflammation, and that is when the root canal becomes absolutely necessary. The root canal procedure cleans out the decay to prevent further damage.

However, it can be challenging for some individuals to determine the best time to get a root canal. Therefore, here are a few signs and symptoms that indicate it’s time to get a root canal to save your oral health.

Symptoms that Indicate you Need a Root Canal

Following are the most common symptoms that indicate you need a root canal.

Persistent Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is one of the first indicators that it’s time to get a root canal. The pain can be consistent or come and go from time to time. Most patients feel a sharp pain in the tooth’s bone, which can extend to the jaw, the gums, and other surrounding areas. While other reasons like gum disease, damaged fillings, and a cavity can cause the same pain, you should visit a dentist to have them check it as soon as possible.

Sensitivity to Heat and Cold

People who face pain when eating hold or cold items mostly have severe tooth damage and need to get it checked by a professional. It can be a dull ache or a sharp pain that extends throughout your mouth. Either way, it can indicate that you need a root canal.

The pain occurs because the blood vessels around the tooth may be damaged and can have a long-term impact on your dental health.

Tooth Discoloration

A bacterial infection in the tooth’s pulp can lead to your teeth losing their color. Teeth can take on a grey-ish, black color that can also develop into severe pain if you do not go to a doctor in time.

Therefore, it’s crucial to stop the damage from spreading and have it checked. The discoloration refers specifically to a lack of blood supply, which can make the tooth lose its strength over time.

By visiting a dentist soon, you can prevent the issue from developing into something more serious.

Stage of Decay Does a Tooth Need Root Canal?

What Stage of Decay Does a Tooth Need a Root Canal? Bottom Line

Fighting tooth decay on time through effective procedures like a root canal is one of the best ways that you can take care of your teeth in the long term. We recommend consulting Dr. Young Bui, DDS, at Bryant Park Endodontics if you start seeing or experiencing symptoms of tooth decay or need a root canal.

You can schedule an appointment with our dentist to discuss treatment options. Feel free to contact our experts today for more information and details.

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