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Multiple Root Canals

This article covers basic information about multiple root canals. For prolonged mismanagement of dental health, a situation may arise where you may need a root canal procedure to be performed on multiple teeth. Read on to learn more.


Root canals usually cause anxiety among patients, as they see it as an intimidating experience for many. Many expect the process to be painful and uncomfortable. However, dentistry has come a long way which has made the root canal procedure much easier and more comfortable. Nowadays, dentists are skilled and equipped with the latest technology, making the process seamless.

In most extreme cases, you may require root canal therapy on more than one of your teeth. During such a scenario, your dentist may advise multiple root canals. It is vital to follow your dentist’s advice to prevent prolonged complications.

Multiple Root Canals Endodontist NYC

Needing Multiple Root Canals

Many factors contribute to developing complications in your teeth, which may require multiple root canals. You can find some of the reasons below:

  • Tooth decay and damage
  • Chip and crack on the teeth
  • Physical trauma or injury
  • Bad oral hygiene

Often, people are unaware that they need a root canal until a dentist prescribes it. Therefore, you need to know the signs and seek professional help.

Even if the issue seems small at first, it is necessary to address it to prevent prolonged complications. Below are some symptoms which may require medical attention:

  • Discoloration and darkness of your teeth
  • Swollen and painful gums near the affected tooth area
  • Severe teeth pain
  • Increased sensitivity to hot and cold intake

Process of Getting Multiple Root Canals

The root canal process involves the removal of the center of the tooth, known as the pulp. The pulp is the soft center of the teeth, which contains tissues and nerves. The health of tooth pulp is very important since a healthy pulp can help you avoid root canal therapy and continue with regular treatment.

However, if the dentist suggests that the infection has reached a point of no recovery, you will have no other choice but to opt for a root canal. It is necessary to immediately remove the bacterium present in the teeth since it can quickly spread to other areas.

If you have a tooth infection, it may pose risks to your overall health as well. The infection can enter your bloodstream and pose risks to your health. A multiple root canal process aims to remove the harmful pulp to your health and stop the spread of bacteria and infection.

 Will You Feel Pain During Multiple Root Canal Process?

With the help of modern techniques and equipment, the root canal process has become almost painless. Typically, it takes only one or two appointments for a complete procedure. The endodontic procedure alleviates the pain, infections, and inflammations. In most instances, the patients are comfortable and experience very little pain.

Multiple Root Canals Best Endodontist NYC

However, patients are likely to experience some discomfort a few days after a root canal process. Your doctor might give you a few medications after the process to reduce the consequences. Just after a few days, you will be back to the normal routine. Depending on the extent of your issue, your dentist might ask you to conduct a few follow-up visits.

Multiple Root Canals: Final Thoughts

If your dentist determines that you need multiple root canals, it is usually best to get them done as soon as possible. At Bryant Park Endodontics, you can schedule the procedure with a qualified endodontist, Dr. Young Bui, DDS. No matter how severe the condition of the tooth, Dr. Bui knows how to tackle it. He has successfully performed over 11,000 root canals.

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