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Root Canal Procedure

If there is one phrase a dentist could choose that will scare a new client, it would be a root canal procedure. While a root canal procedure is one of the most difficult and technical procedures that every dentist performs, it is also one of the most feared dental procedures to this day.

With various internet personalities and celebrities talking about their experience with their dentist, most people now tend to take their pain for granted and simply bear it instead of seeking treatment. So, to negate this stigma and to set the record straight, we will go through the entire root canal procedure so you can put all your superstitions to bed.

Preparation for the Surgery


Abraham Lincoln once said, “give me six hours to chop a tree and I’ll spend the first sharpening the axe”. This aforementioned quote perfectly exemplifies the importance of preparation for a dentist before they can start a root canal procedure.

Contrary to popular belief, your endodontist or dentist does not begin the procedure instantly. Rather most endodontists first require that you get an X-Ray of your jaw. This will help them greatly, as they will know just where to go in order to properly clean your tooth. More importantly this X-ray will save you a lot of time. After they receive your X-Ray, they will give you one or two days in order to prepare, you can use this time to mentally prepare yourself for the operation.

On the day of the operation your dentist will start preparing you for the operation at hand. They will do so by first placing a rubber dam near the affected tooth in order to stop the saliva in your mouth from interfering. Once the dam is set in place, your dentist will then give you anesthesia, which will keep you from feeling any pain whatsoever.

The Procedure

root-canal-procedure-diagram-nyc-dentist-01Once they administer an anesthetic, it is time to start the procedure. After administering the anesthetic, your dentist will start by drilling an access hole into your tooth. Through this access hole they will be able to properly extract the dental pulp, bacteria, and any debris from your tooth.

This process is virtually painless, and does not take more than 45 to 90 minutes. Once they have cleaned your tooth, they will use a filing set to shape the inside of your tooth.

Post Procedure

root-canal-tooth-pain-see-dentist-asap-nyc-02Once your dentist is done with the procedure they will seal up your tooth so that it may stay safe from a number of different bacteria. That being said, if you happen to have any bacteria inside your tooth, then they might wait for the medication to work its course; so, they will not close it instantly. Rather, they will take their time and will sometimes even let it stay that way for several days.


We hope that this detailed explanation of the root canal procedure answers most of your questions, and helps put your fears to rest. If you wish to know more, please visit our main website at and get information on our practice and the technology we use.


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