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Do Only Endodontists Perform Root Canals?

What is the relationship between endodontists and root canals? Once you decide to get a root canal, you will probably come across two options for treatment. You can choose either a general dentist or an endodontist. An endodontist specializes in performing root canal procedures. They have two years of specialization degrees for endodontic treatments. A major difference between a general dentist and an endodontist is their expertise. In this article, we will compare both the options, so you can better decide.

Do Only Endodontists Perform Root Canals?

Benefits of Choosing an Endodontist For Your Root Canal

Endodontists only perform endodontic treatments, and they offer numerous benefits such as safe treatment. Here are some benefits of consulting endodontists:

1.     Amazing Set of Clinical Skills

Endodontists and regular dentists receive their qualifications from the same school. However, an endodontist receives an additional two to three years of education from graduate school. This specialized degree helps them learn endodontic treatments. That’s why they have a high level of expertise in performing root canals. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that an endodontist has plenty of knowledge to diagnose and treat endodontic problems.

2.     Advanced Equipment

An endodontist uses advanced and better types of equipment than a general dentist. Because they don’t consult with ordinary dental problems, they focus on collecting high-precision tools. For instance, many endodontists use surgical microscopes for dental examinations. Some of them also have 3D X-ray imaging for detailed images.

3.     High Level of Diagnosis Skills

Aside from the expertise and skills to operate advanced tools, endodontists also have a great ability to diagnose critical situations. They know how to handle critical dental conditions and reduce the risk of error.

4.     Takes Less Time for the Treatment

Endodontists can anticipate the consequences of the treatment and solve them beforehand. This reduces the time they take to perform a procedure. So when you visit an endodontist for treatment, they will handle the case in one or two sessions.

5.     High Success Rate

Because endodontists have a high level of expertise, they minimize the risks of failure. They have knowledge about the common and rare risks that might reduce the success rate of the treatment. By eliminating all those risks, they increase the success rate of the root canal. Keep in mind that they have two to three years of specialization in performing root canal and other endodontic treatments.

6.     Expert in Pain Management

Endodontists only perform endodontic treatments such as root canal. This means that they have seen it all before. They have solutions for any pain and complications related to these procedures. Therefore, an endodontist will educate you on techniques to reduce your dental pain after surgery.

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Benefits of Choosing a General Dentist

Now, we will consider some benefits of a general dentist for endodontic treatments:

1.     Lower Fees

An endodontist may cost you more than a general dentist. Because they perform procedures with high-quality tools and skills, they charge additional costs for a root canal. However, a regular dentist will cost you less.

2.     Convenience

In some neighborhoods, finding an endodontist is difficult. You may have to travel to consult with an endodontist. However, you can consult with a dentist if you have no access to a specialist.

3.     Treatment Continuity

When a single person performs the procedure, the result can be beneficial.

Endodontists and Root Canals

Endodontists are the Best Option for Root Canal

A dentist will give you the best treatment for regular cleanings. But, for complex endodontic treatments such as root canal, you should visit an endodontist. Here are some additional benefits of endodontists:

  • Endodontists will offer expert performance during a root canal and other endodontic procedures.
  • An endodontist can improvise or shift the strategies to make you feel comfortable.
  • They contain high-precision tools for accurate and quick results.

Endodontists & Root Canals: Conclusion

Considering the qualification, level of expertise, and skills, we can say that endodontists are better for endodontic treatments such as root canals. If you live in NYC and want to consult a professional endodontist, you can visit Bryant Park Endodontics. Our highly qualified endodontists will diagnose your dental condition and assist you by providing better treatment options.

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