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What Is An Endodontist?

top-best-endodontics-endodontist-nyc-2019-2020-01So, what is an endodontist? Whenever we suffer from toothache or experience a tingling sensation when we consume piping hot or cold food, we tend to think of a dentist. While a general dentist can help deal with routine dental or oral cavity issues, we’ll need to visit an endodontist when the problem is more complex. For instance, if you’re experiencing unbearable pain, and strongly feel it is a symptom of a grave issue like pulpal infection, then you should schedule an appointment with an endodontist.

What Do Endodontists Do?

An endodontist is a specialized dentist who helps you in maintaining your teeth and gums by performing endodontic therapy. Endodontic therapy, popularly called root canal treatment, is a sophisticated dental/dentistry procedure entailing the removal of infected root canal (tooth pulp) tissue comprising nerve fibers and blood vessels. The word endodontic is a portmanteau of the Greek words ‘endo’ (inside) and ‘don’t’ (tooth).

So endodontics involves dealing with and treating issues about the inside of the tooth. And an endodontist is the appropriate medical professional you should contact when you have an endodontic issue.

How Do Our Endodontists Carry Out Endodontic Therapy?

root-canal-treatment-pic-endodontist-nyc-02At first, we administer a local anesthetic or sedative in the area to be treated using an injection. Then we position a latex sheet (known as a rubber dam) over the tooth to segregate it to keep it dry and clean during the procedure. Usually, we complete the entire treatment in three to four simple steps, but the actual number of visits varies from patient to patient.

The majority of the patients we’ve treated so far needed to visit our Bryant Park Endodontics clinic at least three times.

The extent and severity of the infection together with the level of difficulty we face in treatment determine the number of appointments our patients may need. Based on our widespread experience of performing near countless root canals, we can convincingly state that the success rate is almost 90%.

Makes A Diagnosis Of Tooth Pain And Helps Manage Pain

Nearly 95% of those who visit our office with an endodontic issue, complain about agonizing tooth pain. However, we face a stiff challenge in pinpointing the root cause of a toothache. Nevertheless, in most cases, tooth pain occurs because of decay, cavity, and deep-seated infection that affect the innermost layer of a tooth (pulp tissue).

A myriad network of blood vessels and nerve fibers in the oral cavity not only encompasses the teeth and the gums but also extend to the peripheral vital organs. It is for this reason you experience pain over a large area of the dentine though the ache originates from the diseased or damaged teeth. Sometimes, the pain spreads to the ear, neck, or head.

Helps Deal With Traumatic Injuries

We also specialize in dealing with and treating pulp damage caused due to a traumatic injury. A traumatic injury could prevent the tooth root from growing and developing. We perform a procedure known as apexification for checking and reversing the damage.

When To Visit An Endodontist?

You know that it’s time to visit an endodontist when you suffer acute toothache or have a fractured or cracked tooth. Additionally, you should visit an endodontist when you identify and feel a cavity inside a tooth.

Contact our reception today to schedule an appointment with one of our endodontists. 

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