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Endodontists, Orthodontists & Dentists: What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between endodontists, orthodontists & dentists? Dentistry often referred to as ‘Oral and Dental Medicine’ is a specialized branch of medicine involving the learning, analysis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and disorders about the oral cavity. The American Dental Association has specified and approved nine distinct dentistry specialties or subspecialties, and two of these are ‘orthodontics’ and ‘endodontics.’ Essentially, all orthodontists and endodontists are certified dentists but only about 3%-4% practice as an endodontist or orthodontist.

All dentists had to complete an accredited four-year dental program, and after that complete at least two years of additional training to become proficient in endodontics or orthodontics. Our dentists at Bryant Park Endodontics have specialized in endodontics, and have several years of experience in tooth pain management and conducting endodontic therapy. Though general dentists or primary care dental providers have a good conception about root canal procedures, they usually refer patients requiring this procedure to us.

Orthodontics happens to be another specialty under dentistry that chiefly focuses on teeth straightening or reshaping. Orthodontists also deal with malocclusion or misalignment of the teeth which left untreated could cause grave oral health issues. This article gives the lowdown on dentists, orthodontists, and endodontists, and the information will help individuals to figure out which professional when confronting a dental or oral problem.


The local dentist that you usually visit happens to be your primary dental healthcare provider. Most of the individuals, starting from a ten-year-old to a nonagenarian, would first think of visiting a dentist when they have a dental issue. Also known as a dental surgeon, a dentist is fully capable of diagnosing and performing treatments for remedying common oral and dental problems.

It is the dentist who’ll first identify your problem, and tell you whether the issue concerns your teeth or gums. He’ll also inform you if the issue is commonplace or a serious one, and whether he’ll be able to fix the problem. He may refer you to an orthodontist or endodontist if he feels that you need specialized treatment.

Apart from fulfilling the basic responsibilities, a dentist also recommends patients to maintain good oral hygiene and opt for routine checkups.


An endodontist is a specialist dentist who focuses on oral/dental issues, including tooth decay, cavities, oral infection, and problems concerning the different sections of the tooth. The word or expression ‘endodontist’ is derived from the Greek term ‘endo’ which means inside. So our endodontists diagnose and deal with any issues inside the individual’s mouth or oral cavity.

You’re most likely to make an appointment with one of our endodontists when you’ve:

  • Tooth decay and the infection has infiltrated the root canal or pulp
  • Severe toothache
  • Acute tooth sensitivity making it difficult for a dentist to perform the normal treatment


You’re most likely to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist when you need to straighten malformed or deformed teeth. Orthodontists specialize in treating teeth malocclusions or misalignments. They’re special dentists capable of correcting different misalignments known as ‘open bite,’ ‘Underbite’, ‘overbite,’ and ‘crossbite.’ Orthodontists, after completing a four-year dental program, have to complete an extra three years of training in orthodontics.

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