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Why do I need a Root Canal?

Why do I need a Root Canal? Root canals are possibly one of the most infamous dental procedures of the current generation. From bloggers talking about their root canal experiences, to rumors you hear from a family member or a dear friend, all of these factors contribute to the stigma that is attached to a root canal procedure. This leads to a much bigger issue as people do not get a root canal performed even when they are in dire need of one.

So today, we will go through the reasons and the causes that may lead you to get a root canal.

Top Reasons you may need to get a root canal

  1. Damage

why-do-i-need-root-canal-01Damage to your tooth is possibly the most obvious reason for getting a root canal. Regardless of the amount of damage or the type of damage to your tooth, more often than not, the best suggestion that your endodontist can give you is to get a root canal procedure.

  1. Cavities and Decay

Decay is another very common reason why people get a root canal. Among all of the other entries in this list, decay is the most common reason why your dentist may recommend a root canal procedure. Decay is also the hardest to recognize in many cases, as it may enter through the small crevice in your tooth; yet it can spread to the roots of your teeth. Decay is also one of the hardest to track and it requires the most effort.

  1. Broken Or Chipped Teeth

Breaking or chipping your tooth is possibly one of the worst experiences you will go through. Not only is it incredibly painful when it breaks, but the chipping can expose nerve endings that can make it hard for you to even eat.

A root canal procedure can do wonders in this scenario, as it can fill in the tooth. Another benefit of a root canal in this scenario is that the root canal will be able to properly remove any bacteria or infection inside the tooth.

  1. Pain in Gums

Most people who have any type of pain in their gums can eventually trace it back to a problem in their tooth. Decay can eventually reach a certain point where it begins to affect the roots of the teeth and can greatly injure the gums.

A root canal can not only save your tooth in this case, but it can also help you with the pain that you are feeling in your gums as a result of the problem in your teeth.


A root canal is possibly one of the most feared dental procedures. However, this fear of a dental procedure should not stop you from getting proper treatment that can improve the durability and look of your teeth, as well as eliminate the pain. Allow us to help you alleviate the pain that you are experiencing, with our well experienced staff and state of the art technology.

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