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What exactly does an Endodontist do?

In today’s generation, dentistry is a very highly paid and well respected occupation. That being said, a very common question among people who do not know about the many branches of dentistry is: “What exactly does an endodontist do?” So, in this guide you will learn about endodontists and what they do.

What is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a person who studies endodontics, which itself revolves heavily around the study of the pulp within the tooth. To put it simply, endodontists are just like dentists, except they have more experience and more knowledge.
One of the prime examples of the connection between an endodontist and a dentist is that of a doctor and a surgeon. A surgeon has more experience in his or her respected field and is better equipped to handle a patient in a critical situation as opposed to a doctor. The same is the case of an endodontist and a dentist, unlike a dentist an endodontist is more experienced in the field of dentistry and is much more capable of treating your teeth properly.

What do they do?

While it is true that an endodontist is a more experienced and better trained dentist, their distinctness rests in the root canal procedure. Endodontists are more famously known for their root canal procedure and they are specifically who you should go to when you need a root canal. Their expertise in the field of dentistry shines the most during the root canal procedure as they are simply better at it.

According to various sources, an ordinary dentist does nearly two or three root canals every week, whereas an endodontist does somewhere from a ten to fifteen in a week. The amount of experience between these two occupations is staggering, but the performance differs as well. Seeing how an endodontist performs so many root canals, their efficiency is at another level as compared to that of dentists.

Why You Should Choose an Endodontist

Most people who make regular trips to the dentist, often wonder why they would even need to switch to an endodontist in the first place here is why. Putting aside all of the discussion about experience and proficiency, an endodontist is also less likely to make delays or make changes to your appointments. Other than that, they also have access to better technology, and are more capable of using it.

Endodontists use a variety of different gadgets and tools all of which can immensely reduce the time that it would otherwise take to perform standard procedures. Moreover, endodontists also have much more experience in operating these machines, which makes it less likely that you will sustain an injury.

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An endodontist is more prepared and much more capable of handling any ailment that may be affecting your tooth. Now that you understand the major difference between a regular dentist and an endodontist, you should not waste any more time.

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