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Root Canal Procedure steps

What are the root canal procedure steps? A root canal is one of the most feared dental procedures. Due to the stigma that surrounds this procedure, people tend to be scared to properly express their pain and true concerns to a dentist because they are afraid that they might have to undergo a root canal procedure. So, in order to alleviate this stigma, let us tell you about a root canal procedure.

Steps in a Root Canal

It is true that a root canal is not always necessary and that there are very specific situations where you have to opt for a root canal. With that in mind here is how a proper root canal takes place.

Step 1: Preparation

When our endodontist finds that a patient needs a root canal, we do not start right away. Rather, you will first have to get an x-ray of your jaw which will give our endodontist a good idea regarding how to proceed with the treatment. After we receive your X-ray, we will begin the procedure.

The first step in the treatment is to make a patient numb so that they do not feel pain. Although in most cases the nerve is dead, to ensure that a patient is comfortable, we tend to use an anesthetic. After using an anesthetic our endodontist will place a rubber dam around the tooth that requires treatment. This rubber dam will keep saliva away from your tooth throughout the operation.

Step 2: The Surgery

root-canal-stages-steps-faq-info-endodontist-nyc-02Now that all of the preparations have been made for the procedure, one of our endodontist will begin. We will start by drilling an access hole into the tooth; this access hole will later be filled and closed.

Once we make the access point, the real operation will start. Now we will extract the damaged nerve, dental pulp, and any debris that may be in your tooth.

After removing the dental pulp and identifying the cause of your problem, we will use a series of different files to work our way down to the inside of the tooth. These files allow us to scrap the sides of the root canal to ensure that no more bacteria is left that can possibly damage the tooth.

Each file has a different diameter, which gives us more flexibility; but don’t worry you won’t feel a thing thanks to the anesthetic we have given you. To clean out the debris left by this filing, we will either use water or sodium hypochlorite at regular intervals.

Step 3: Post Procedure

Once we are done cleaning your teeth, it is time to seal it up. However, depending on the reason for your root canal, the seal period may vary significantly. Furthermore, if we are unable to complete the procedure in one sitting, we will seal it off temporarily and will call you once again.


We are sure that after reading about the root canal procedure, most of your worries have been alleviated. If you still have not received your root canal, you can visit our website or contact us at

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