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Root Canal Procedure

You have probably heard of a root canal procedure a few times throughout the years. People often go through a root canal procedure at least once, making it a common procedure among people. However, most people are unaware of the exact root canal procedure, as various rumors have created misconceptions in peoples’ mind.

In this guide you will learn about the root canal procedure. But before we can get to the root canal procedure, first let’s talk about the root canal itself.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a very common treatment that endodontists recommend in order to help save a tooth that’s heavily infected or damaged. The root canal procedure often becomes very important if the tooth happens to decay beyond repair.

A root canal takes out all of the sensory nerves and pulp from the inside of the tooth and simply cleanses it and seals it off. Note that if the decay and infection are allowed to stay inside the tooth, they can eventually spread and make matter much worse. This is why it becomes necessary for most people to opt for a root canal.

The Procedure

Preparing for the Procedure

different-parts-teeth-root-canal-information-midtown-dentist-02Moving onto the root canal procedure, it often takes place over a course of several days. In order to determine the condition of the tooth, your dentist will often ask for an X-Ray, after which the dentist or the endodontist begins the procedure.

The dentist will start off by providing anesthesia or other numbing agent to the patient; this will help put the patient at ease. Then in order to keep saliva away from the tooth, they will place a rubber dam around the tooth, completely surrounding it. This dam will keep the tooth dry throughout the entire procedure.

Drilling and Cleaning

root-canal-procedure-pic-03A very common misconception about a root canal procedure is that the drilling is incredibly painful, which tends to scare people off. The drilling is not painful in any way, as your dentist will give you an anesthetic before starting the procedure. Your dentist will drill into the infected tooth until they reach the pulp of the tooth. There they will begin to clean and repair the tooth from the inside in order to preserve your tooth.

In case there is an infection within your tooth, dentists often take their time before closing the tooth. They do so because of the medicine that they apply to the tooth, which cleanses out the infection. That said, if the infection has spread too far into the tooth, they will have no choice but to remove it completely. After they clean the inside of the tooth, they will fill and seal it off.

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