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Welcome to Bryant Park Endodontics Dr. Bui was recognized on CBS’s American Health Front on Oct 1, 2016 Having performed over 15,000 root canals, Dr. Young Bui is one of Manhattan’s premier endodontists – a specialist in the art of root canal therapy. Our goal is to provide our patients with the most technologically advanced… Continue Reading

What Happens After A Root Canal Procedure?

What things should one consider after a root canal procedure? If you’ve ever spoken to a friend or acquaintance that had a recent dental appointment, you probably heard them speak about the root canal procedure. While the name sounds a bit scary, it is a very common dental procedure mostly done by professionals, specifically endodontists.… Continue Reading

Tools Used During Root Canals

What are the tools used during root canals? Root Canals are one of the most common dental procedures that patients visit dentists and endodontists for. Endodontists specialize in performing root canals, allowing them to do so in more detail.  Endodontists use a variety of efficient root canal tools, allowing them to carry out the procedure… Continue Reading

Root Canals and Tooth Age

Does tooth age relate to an increase in the need for root canals? When studying the root canal to determine age, you will not be able to point to a single age group where you are at most risk of a root canal. This is because root canals can occur at any age of your… Continue Reading

Pain in the Tooth: Cavity or Root Canal?

Are you experiencing unbearable tooth pain and think it’s a cavity or even a root canal? Do you remember when it started? Are you aware of the reasons behind the growing pain in your tooth? Well, it’ll surprise you to know that over 25 percent of the adult US population ignores their dental problems. However,… Continue Reading

Endodontist for a Root Canal

Do you need an Endodontist for a root canal? Have you ever suffered from a terrible toothache that sucks the life out of you? Well, that could probably be a sign of a tooth infection, for which you will need immediate assistance. Endodontists are dental specialists who specialize in relieving tooth pain through root canals… Continue Reading

Do Root Canals Really Hurt? How Can You Prevent It?

According to dental and oral health studies in the US, dentists perform nearly 15 million root canal treatments every year. Moreover, there is surmounting evidence regarding the people who choose to avoid adequate dental care in case of oral health concerns! (Source) Being unaware does not mean that you are bound to ignore certain aspects… Continue Reading

Best Practices For Optimal Dental Health

What are the best practices for dental health? Maintaining optimal oral health is very important. Your teeth help you chew the food that you eat. Without properly chewing and breaking down the food particles in your mouth, your nutrition intake will decrease significantly. (source) Brushing your teeth before bed and waking up is a good… Continue Reading

What is the Root Canal Process? Risks & Recovery Timeframes

Do you have questions about the process of getting a root canal? Did your dentist suggest that you have a root canal treatment/ therapy? First and foremost, root canal treatment is a fairly common dental procedure that occurs over 15 million times in the US. Moreover, all those root canals happen in a single year!… Continue Reading

What Training Do Endodontists Receive?

What Training Do Endodontists Receive? Endodontists are more like doctors; it’s just that they specialize in a broader field that consists of resolving tooth infections and pain through root canals and other dental procedures. Endodontists are required to study in the field for an extra two years, during which they acquire training that goes beyond… Continue Reading

Fillings vs. Root Canals- Which One Do You Need?

Who wins in the fight of fillings vs. root canals? It’s no surprise that almost 65% of US adults took dental appointments at the beginning of 2019. Sure, unbearable dental pain is hard to ignore, but it’s dangerous to overlook your dental health. This is especially since it relates to your overall health. (Source) Dental… Continue Reading