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Welcome to Bryant Park Endodontics Dr. Bui was recognized on CBS’s American Health Front on Oct 1, 2016 Having performed over 15,000 root canals, Dr. Young Bui is one of Manhattan’s premier endodontists – a specialist in the art of root canal therapy. Our goal is to provide our patients with the most technologically advanced… Continue Reading

Pediatric vs. Adult Endodontics

What are the differences between pediatric vs. adult endodontics? Endodontists are doctors that specialize in endodontic treatments. Endodontists spend two extra years specializing in treatments that take on issues with the dental pulp. Endodontics has to do with the core of the tooth. This is primarily where the tooth connects to the tissue inside. Root… Continue Reading

Do All Dentists Perform Root Canals?

Do all dentists perform root canals? Every dentist has gone through training in endodontic treatment over many years, including a general dentist. A general doctor has the capability to perform a root canal along with any other procedure related to dental issues. However, many would recommend going to a specialist for any endodontic treatment. An… Continue Reading

Tools Used in a Root Canal

What are the tools used in a root canal? The treatment that involves repairing and saving a badly-infected and decayed tooth is a root canal. Deep tooth decay, cracks, large fillings, various dental procedures, or chipping can inflame, irritate, or infect the pulp and the nerves in a tooth. Facial trauma can also be a… Continue Reading

Are There Alternatives to Getting a Root Canal?

A root canal helps to heal a significantly damaged tooth and is a recommended treatment in cases where microbes damage the inner part of the tooth, the dental pulp. Root canal treatment helps restore a dying or decaying tooth. It also helps alleviate severe pain, which is a result of damaged nerve tissues inside the… Continue Reading

Anatomy Of The Tooth

Your teeth are important for breaking down food into small pieces. Teeth are necessary for the digestive process, improving personal appearance, and they help with speech. In this article, we will go over the arrangement and structure of your teeth. Location and Classification of Teeth Every adult has 32 teeth, their permanent teeth. Your jaw… Continue Reading

Root Canal Innovations 2020-2021

What are the root canal innovations for 2020-2021? Root Canal innovations in dental science have been revolutionary in terms of treatment. Technological advancements make complex procedures easier and more successful. A root canal procedure is about treating debridement without causing any physical damage. The modern root canal innovations are an attempt to execute this task… Continue Reading

Do Root Canals Always Hurt?

Do root canals always hurt? A root canal is an endodontic solution to any sort of damage caused to the inner tooth. This damage can be a result of an infection or trauma. The inside of the tooth is the dental pulp that holds the visible tooth or crown. Damage to the dental pulp can… Continue Reading

Anatomy of the Jaw and Teeth

What is the anatomy of the jaw and teeth? The anatomy of the teeth falls under the study of dental anatomy. Dentists and Endodontists need to have keen understanding of the anatomy of the jaw and teeth. Their field of study revolves around dental abnormalities, infections, deformities, structural problems and treatments. The professionals have extensive… Continue Reading

All About Dentistry

Dentistry is a branch of medical science that focuses primarily on the study of oral cavity. For those who don’t know, oral cavity in medical anatomy is the mouth. Dentistry involves the study and diagnosis of the oral cavity. It includes everything from the maintenance of oral health to the prevention of oral diseases. It… Continue Reading

Endodontists: What Do They Do?

What do endodontists do? Endodontists are doctors that specialize in the treatment of dental pulp. The pulp is the foundation of a tooth that consists of many nerves and tissues. Endodontist is a medical term, which has Greek origins. “Endo” means inside and “odont” means teeth. Difference between Endodontist and Dentist All Endodontists are also… Continue Reading