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Root Canal FAQs

root-canal-faqs-top-nyc-dental-specialist-01What is a root canal?

…and what are some root canal FAQs? A Root canal is a dental procedure that removes the dental pulp from the middle of the tooth and can greatly improve the overall quality of your tooth. A root canal also reduces the pain in your tooth and can save your gums and jaw from a variety of different oral diseases.

Is a root canal painful?

Before starting a root canal therapy your dentist first administers suitable anesthetic so you do not feel any pain or discomfort. The only pain that you may feel during the entire procedure is the slight pinch at the beginning when your endodontist first administers the anesthetic, which will last long as the anesthetic will then numb the pain.

How long will the root canal procedure last?

root-canal-faqs-infographic-root-canal-process-02A root canal is not a very lengthy procedure or operation and can be stopped any time that you wish. Depending on the severity of the issue that you have, a root canal can last between 45 and 90 minutes, apart from time to prepare.

If the condition is not very serious and there is only minor decay in the tooth, the operation can also be completed in just 30 minutes. However, if the condition is  serious, then your endodontist can schedule another appointment in order to properly extract all of the decay; each of these sessions can take about 45 minutes each.

Can a root canal be redone? If so, why?

Unfortunately, sometimes a dentist can leave debris in a client’s tooth. This debris can lead to severe pain and can in turn make matters worse. Some dentists also do not complete the procedure and simply fill the tooth without properly getting rid of the problem. In the aforementioned cases, it is possible for another endodontist or dentist to perform a root canal on the same tooth.

Even if there is a crown on your tooth, many endodontists will not see that as a problem and can carefully extract the crown and move on with the procedure. They might ask for details on the last procedure, so be sure to go prepared.

Will there be pain after the procedure?

model-tooth-root-canal-general-info-03The anesthetic can last somewhere between two and three hours. Once it does fade away, you will begin to feel a sharp sensation in your tooth, which can be quite painful. For the first week you will definitely feel some pain, but it will slowly begin to fade.

Will I need a Crown after my root canal?

A crown is not really necessary after a root canal. Some root canal procedures require a crown, but more often than not a crown is not necessary.

I just received a crown will I need a root canal now?

A root canal removes the bacteria and cleans the tooth, and it is not necessary if you have simply gotten a crown.


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