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I need a dental implant: What are my options?

Our endodontists at Bryant Park Endodontics perform a dental implant procedure for restoring roots of teeth with metallic screws. At the same time, we conduct dental implant surgeries for reinstating missing, damaged, or broken teeth. We replace the damaged or missing teeth with artificial ones which almost resemble the original, and also function similarly.

We’ve observed from experience that a dental implant surgical procedure offers a better alternative to ill-fitting bridges or dentures. The implants serve as a viable option, especially when deficiency of teeth roots prevents the designing of dentures that function as replacements.

The dental implant type, as well as the condition of your jawbone (maxillae or mandible), determines the procedure we’d use for performing dental implant surgery. The most noticeable advantage of opting for such a surgery is that it furnishes robust support to the new set of tooth.  The jawbone needs to heal fully to fit around the implant.

Since it takes time for the bone to heal completely, naturally, the surgical procedure also takes several months.

Why Opt for Dental Implant Surgery?

We recommend a patient to go for a dental implant surgical process when he or she faces the following scenarios:

  • Features a jawbone which has developed completely
  • Reports to us with a single or several missing teeth
  • Has healthy and strong oral tissues
  • Capable of undergoing a bone grafting procedure
  • Has sufficient jawbone for the implant to be installed and set
  • Does not suffer from health issues that’ll interfere with curing of the bone
  • Does not smoke
  • Does not prefer to put on dentures or not able to wear the same
  • Has the patience to stay the course as the procedure is time-consuming

The Different Kinds of Implants

I need a dental implant: What are my options? Our endodontists at Bryant Park Endodontics install a wide range of dental implants, available in varying heights and sizes. We discuss in detail with the patients regarding the type that’d be perfectly suitable for them. We always give sufficient weight to a patient’s personal needs and preferences.

Talking about dental implants, there are broad types – endosteal and subperiosteal. We position endosteal that are usually made from titanium and look like small rivets, in the patient’s jawbone. Out of every 100 patients who opt for dental implant surgery, 85 choose endosteal implants.

As far as subperiosteal implants are concerned, we place these beneath the gum either above or on the jawbone. We suggest opting for this kind of implant to patients that may not have sufficient natural jawbone. Additionally, those who are not comfortable with a bone grafting method can select a subperiosteal implant.

More often, we suggest some popular bone rebuilding techniques to patients whose jawbone cannot accept dental implants. The jawbone reformation methods that we employ facilitate the restoration of the natural jawline and also create a solid base for new teeth supported by the implant. The different bone reconstruction procedures we mainly use include ‘ridge expansion,’ ‘sinus lift’ and ‘bone augmentation.’

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