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New Dentistry Trends 2019

At Bryant Park Endodontics, our endodontists have amassed extensive experience in dealing with and helping patients resolve their dental issues. Over the years, we’ve witnessed trends, both enduring and short-lived, have a sweeping effect on the healthcare industry in general, and the dentistry sector in particular. New trends and unprecedented developments keep surfacing in the dentistry segment every year, and 2019 will not be an exception.

So that our endodontists can bring in more patients and retain them, it’s crucial that they keep themselves abreast of the trending trends. On the other hand, awareness of the latest trends and relevant information could go a long way in enabling our dentists to provide the best possible care to patients.

Studies indicate that the evolving trends in dentistry, including but not limited to patient tracking software, cutting-edge digital technologies, and best practices will allow our doctors to rationalize services, improve patient volume, and furnish optimal care.

Laser Dentistry

The appliance of laser technology in dentistry is being regarded as a vital trend that’ll have a far-reaching effect. Laser dentistry is proving to be extraordinarily versatile in the dentistry industry as the functionality facilitates teeth whitening, root canal treatment, gum reshaping, filling cavities, and so on. There are some definite benefits that dentists can make the most of when they exploit laser dentistry.

Some of the prominent advantages of using laser technology for dental treatments and surgical procedures include faster healing time, reduced pain and discomfort, less blood loss, and better sterilization.

3D Printers for Dentistry

3D printers have enabled almost all commercial segments to streamline operations, speed up operations, and eventually improve the bottom line. With regards to dentistry, including the segments of endodontics and orthodontics, 3D printers are contributing towards cutting down on costs and time for creating crowns, veneers, dental implants, and braces. We’ve specialists who design the products above on our 3D printers, thereby reducing our dependency on firms that design and create them.

Robotics and AI will have a positive impact on dentistry

Currently, robots are being pressed into service for filling cavities, extracting a tooth, administering anesthesia, cleaning teeth, and several other minimally invasive dental tasks. Many robotic firms are competing with each other to develop robots that will be capable of carrying out invasive treatments.

The spotlight will be on patient experience

Every dentist will want to rope in more patients and also retain them for boosting his or her practice. And the best way to attract new patrons is to offer them an unparalleled and unique experience. We at Bryant Park Endodontics have deduced from experience that providing affordable healthcare without compromising on quality proves more effective in luring new patients compared to the application of updated technology.

Extensive use of automated patient management software

Automation technology has made it possible for our endodontists to fine-tune and restructure our day-to-day work processes, ultimately benefiting patients. Digital automation technology has allowed us to simplify our work procedures, thus enabling us to serve our patients in a better manner. We now send appointment confirmation notices through texts on social media platforms and apps.

We make good use of cloud storage for collecting and organizing digital data.

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