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What Can I Expect Following a Root Canal?

What Can I Expect Following a Root Canal?

When your dentist has recommended a root canal and explained what will happen during the procedure, the next question on your mind is probably going to be what will happen next? What can you expect after a root canal when you get home and there is no dentist or dental assistant to explain if what you are experiencing is normal?

Perhaps it would be best to explain, right from the very beginning, that it’s hard to say exactly what you can expect because everyone is different. Some people have a higher tolerance to pain so the minor annoyances someone else considers to be extreme may not even be noticeable to them. However, on the whole, here is what most people can expect.

Some Amount of Minor Pain or Discomfort

Bear in mind that you have just had a dental procedure. The dentist drilled through to the root of your tooth which was most likely already painful and infected. The root canal serves to drill the pulp out of the root so that the nerves and inflamed tissue is removed. As a result of the root canal treatment, you may experience some amount of swelling but that should not be nearly as painful as the decayed tooth in need of a root canal.

Some Dentists Prescribe Medication

Depending on whether or not infection was present, your dentist may write a prescription for an antibiotic. Although no one likes to take medicine, it is important that you take your prescription as directed until you have run the entire course. If you are given 10 days of antibiotics and notice the pain is gone in 3, don’t stop taking the medicine because the infection may not be totally gone. It could flare up again as it does in a few cases.

A Soft Diet Initially

After you first come home from the dentist, you may not be able to eat any foods at all for a length of time to be determined by your dentist. Perhaps after the numbness has worn off you will be allowed soft foods such as yogurt, mashed potatoes and Jell-O. Typically, your dentist will ask you to abstain from chewing for a given amount of time to allow the filling and cement to harden. Whether or not that tooth is crowned, undue pressure may affect the integrity of the root canal.

What to Do If You Remain in Pain

The best answer to the question is that you will probably experience some residual pain or discomfort for a few days following your root canal. This is perfectly normal and should not concern you unless the pain is unbearable or begins increasing. That would not be normal and so you should contact us as soon as you notice the tooth and gums don’t seem to be healing as they should be.

If you are concerned, contact our expert root canal specialist team immediately. We are the most called upon root canal specialists in New York City, and it is our mission to rid you of the pain you are suffering. Don’t forget, call us today!

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